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About Us

Seismic Venture Partners is an innovative fund manager, authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

We founded Seismic to fundraise for entrepreneur led growth companies and venture opportunities. Since then, we have built on our Venture background to include Investment into asset-backed companies and Income focused financial products. As a regulated Alternative Investment Fund Manager we have structured a series of AIFs, PLCs and single companies to provide a suite of investment opportunities for our network.

Entrepreneurs come to Seismic for supportive and no-nonsense support and advice on growing or launching their companies. Investors come to us to invest in UK businesses and as part of their investment strategy. We service the needs of Professional Clients and Retail Investors in an active and managed network. Seismic

We cover:

  • Strategy and fundraising for individual companies in high growth and start up
  • Fund Management and Strategic Advisory
  • Investor Relations and Portfolio Management
  • Close and ongoing oversight of companies and projects we launch

Our Investor Directors

Tristan Lloyd-Baker

I am an experienced Board Director and Investment Director, specialising in SME’s, as well as operating as a strategic advisor to a number of AIF funds. My passion for SME’s has led me to launch a number of businesses, all the while, utilising my corporate finance experience in their development. In 2008 I completed an MBA, which followed over 10 years in blue chip city-based financial institutions most recently with Goldman Sachs. Since this time and before forming Seismic, I have been a Board advisor and Director to businesses ranging from mid-cap PE backed businesses and SME’s as well as start-ups and not-for-profit organisations.

Martin Godet

I work with early-stage companies to help them achieve growth, and with our investor network to find the right investments for them. Prior to founding Seismic, I got my boots dirty delivering infrastructure as an engineer, then project finance specialist and business manager.

As a Fund Manager, I have maintained a successful record in the investment of shareholder equity into growing start-ups. As an Investor Director I maintain proximity to each of our exciting companies, actively supporting entrepreneurs and investing alongside our investors.

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Seismic are proud to support Practical Action

“Practical Action uses low cost, appropriate, small-scale development solutions to help people to help themselves. Whatever we do, our activities are always people focused, locally relevant and environmentally sensitive. Our vision is a world free of poverty and injustice in which technology is used to benefit all.

Through projects on the ground, we improve the lives of over a million people every year.

By sharing our ideas with local and national governments, international agencies and other development organisations, we can make a bigger impact on a global scale – and work towards technology justice for all.”

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Investing in early-stage companies involves risks, including illiquidity, lack of dividends, loss of investment and dilution, and it should be done only as part of a diversified portfolio. Seismic’s offerings are targeted exclusively at investors who are sufficiently sophisticated to understand these risks and make their own investment decisions.

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